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Published Directory Listings

Altiplano Publishing was the first and continues to remain the only successful printed yellow pages directory serving Southwest Kansas and the Oklahoma Panhandle. Major cities we serve include Garden City, KS, Dodge City, KS, Liberal, KS and Guymon, OK which together comprise roughly 90,000 residents. At least half of the population of these cities is fluent in or relies on Spanish as a primary language. Your business will benefit from listings as thousands of households rely on Altiplano Publishing's Directories when searching for products and services in and around Southwest Kansas.

Online Directory Listings

With more and more people turning to the Internet for search, Altiplano Publishing takes great pride in offering an online version of our published directory that is desktop., tablet and mobile-friendly. Visitors can search for services and/or business listings and click-thru to your website for additional details and contact information!

Native App Directory Listings

Altiplano Publishing remains on the cutting edge of technology and user trends. We've recently partnered with Hometown Yellow Pages to produce a downloadable native app that users can download and store on their smartphones. Businesses can list their services in traditional formats and may include coupons, promotions and other special offers including Loyalty Rewards programs that keep customers coming back to your business faithfully. And all of this fits conveniently in the pockets of your customers on the devices they carry with them at all times. Learn more at A Spanish Edition is to come!

Website & App Design & Development Services

The team at Altiplano knows the importance of your business having a professional web presence, so we've taken the initiative and partnered with the folks at Colorstorm Media to help. Now you can digitize your marketing efforts and look professional doing it. Mention Altiplano Publishing and as an added bonus receive a FREE set of professionally-designed full-color business cards to get the word out about your new website or app.

Professional Script & Ad Design Services

We know a thing or two about the Hispanic culture and will build or take your current advertisements and transform them to meet the expectations of this target audience. Team Altiplano employs some of the best graphic design artists and photographers who specialize in color, typography, design, insights and other valuable data to ensure a positive return on your investment for years to come.

If you're not currently listed in our print and digital directories, you're not reaching the Hispanic market which makes up at least half of all residents in Southwest Kansas and the Oklahoma Panhandle.


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Altiplano Publishing

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